Why see a behavioral health specialist?

Why see a behavioral health specialist?

For those with chronic pain, an important aspect of pain management is acknowledging it is not just a physical sensation. It can also take an emotional, social and psychological toll.  Living with chronic pain can mean also living with anxiety, depression and social and relationship issues. That’s why it is important to focus on treating the whole person.

Why see a behavioral health specialist?

It is important to remember that a referral to a behavioral health specialist does not mean your doctor does not believe your pain is real. Chronic pain comes with many symptoms, but not all of them are physical. Emotional, social and psychological pain are very real, too.

Psychiatrists and other behavioral health providers specialize in treating the whole person. Then, by learning to cope with the non-physical symptoms of pain, patients learn to help manage all aspects of their chronic pain diagnosis.

What can a behavioral health specialist do for me?

A behavioral health specialist helps patients cope with stress and the emotional and social symptoms of pain. Working with patients, behavioral health specialists teach ways of calming the nervous system, goal setting and adjusting to a new lifestyle. They can also help manage other diagnoses, such as anxiety and depression that are common in pain patients.

A different approach to pain

At The Pain Management Group, we take a different approach to the treatment of chronic pain. We are committed to providing holistic, individualized care. Because of this, we vow to treat each patient with compassion and respect, never turning anyone away. Our physicians are fellowship-trained pain specialists who utilize a combination of interventional procedures, medication management, behavioral health therapies and dietary services to tailor a personalized care plan for the patient’s long-term pain relief.

If you or a loved one are suffering from chronic pain, please visit thepainmanagementgroup.com for more information.