Welcome to THE PAIN MANAGEMENT GROUP, a multi-disciplinary team of board-certified physicians and advanced practitioners dedicated to the treatment of acute and chronic pain in Middle Tennessee. As Tennessee’s most established pain management practice, serving patient for over TWENTY YEARS (1996-2016) we recognize chronic pain affects the whole patient—and have added behavior health and dietary/nutrition services

Our physicians are fellowship-trained specialists who utilize a combination of interventional procedures, medication management, medical procedure selection, behavioral health and dietary services to tailor an individualized care plan for the patient’s long-term pain relief.

Drs. Leone, Hill, Miller, York, Reddy and Fritz are anesthesiologists who elected additional training and earned subspecialty certification in Pain Management. Dr. Jon Draud, nationally-recognized psychiatrist provides a team of behavioral health specialists. We employ the knowledge of soft tissue specialists, physical therapists, mental health professionals and registered dieticians to treat the multitude of symptoms affected by those living with pain.