Who we are.

THE PAIN MANAGEMENT GROUP is a multi-disciplinary team of providers dedicated to the treatment of acute and chronic pain in Middle Tennessee. Our board-certified physicians and advanced practitioners in Tennessee’s most established pain management practice have been seeing patients in Middle Tennessee since 1996.

Non-opioid treatment
and therapies.

At the Pain Management Group, our priority is to provide high quality patient care, delivered in a timely manner. As clinicians, we feel we have the responsibility to help solve the opioid epidemic.

A unique approach to pain management.

At the Pain Management Group, we believe the best way to treat persistent pain is to focus not only on the physical causes and symptoms of pain, but its emotional, social and psychological consequences too. To successfully treat the pain patient, we need to attend to the whole person.

Behavioral Health

The stress and mental challenges of coping with chronic pain, can often be as difficult as dealing with the actual physical pain. PMG believes in the benefits of behavioral health therapy as part of our comprehensive treatment plan.


Nutrition is vital to overall health and wellness. Often times, nutrition takes a back seat when dealing with chronic pain. PMG believes in the patient benefits of nutritional counseling as an integral part of our individualized treatment plan.

Personalized Care

Each patient is unique. PMG is committed to providing a personalized treatment plans for every patient—including advanced interventional procedures to reduce opioid dependence. Non-opioid therapy is key to chronic pain recovery.