The Pain Management Group is a multi-disciplinary team of providers dedicated to the treatment of acute and chronic pain in Middle Tennessee. Since our founding in 1996, we have dedicated ourselves to treating all patients with dignity and respect, making us the state’s most established pain management practice. Our team includes board-certified physicians, advanced practitioners and skilled professional staff.

A Unique Approach to Treating Pain

Pain hurts in more ways than one. The physical sensation of pain is hard enough to deal with, but persistent pain can hurt in other ways. Pain can make it more difficult to work, to enjoy recreational activities and to spend time with friends and family. Pain can also make it harder to be a parent, a partner and a friend.


At The Pain Management Group, we realize that the stress and mental challenges caused by pain can be as difficult to cope with as the pain itself. We understand that pain can affect nearly every area of life and that pain that does not improve can easily make a person feel lost, frustrated and worried. We believe that the best way to treat persistent pain is to focus not only on the physical causes and symptoms of pain, but its emotional, social and psychological consequences, as well. To successfully treat the pain patient, we need to attend to the whole person. That’s why we are dedicated to providing care to all patients.


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