We now live in a computer-oriented world, and the healthcare area is no different. Long gone are the days when your doctor writes down a few notes on a piece of paper in a manila folder, then scribbles out a prescription. When you arrive at The Pain Management Group you will notice from the time you walk into our treatment area that you will be greeted by a Medical Assistant who carries a tablet style computer and enters your current problems, medical history, vital signs, medications and other pertinent information.


From that point your provider will use their own tablet computer to document your physical examination and then enter his or her plan of care and electronically produce prescriptions that will be either printed out or sent directly to your pharmacy. They may also enter orders for procedures or diagnostic tests such as an MRI, CT or X-ray directly from their computers. The providers communicate and send tasks to other team members who will answer back, indicating that these tasks have been completed.


Your provider can actually complete his/her documentation for your appointment and have a copy of the note faxed to other healthcare providers, insurance companies, case managers, etc before you even leave the building! Incoming faxes arrive on the provider’s tablets for their review and action; they will fax back the information requested and/or decision.  What does all this mean to you? SAFETY, EFFICIENCY and SPEED to better care