Nutrients for Pain and Inflammation

Nutrients for Pain and Inflammation


Nutrients for pain and inflammation

Nearly all pain has something to do with inflammation. The foods we choose to eat each day can make inflammation worse, causing more pain. Below is a list of foods and nutrients that can reduce inflammation, and some you should avoid that can make it worse.

Healthy fats

The types of fats that are included in your diet can play a direct role in your body’s inflammatory response. It is important to get a good balance and variety of healthy fats in the diet to help keep inflammation down.

Good sources of healthy fat include: nuts, seed, fatty fish like salmon, avocado, olive and canola oil and choosing margarine over butter.


Many of us have heard of antioxidants in foods like blueberries or chia seeds. But what do they actually do? Antioxidants are naturally found in the body to help fight off inflammation and can be increased by making good dietary choices. Inflammation produces ‘free radicals,’ and these can deplete our bodies natural antioxidants, which can cause chronic inflammation and pain.

Good sources of healthy fat include: fruits, vegetables, herbs and green tea sweetened without sugar.


Fiber is another key nutrient when it comes to reducing inflammation. Refined carbohydrates [like sweets, baked goods, sugar sweetened beverages and white bread] are known to contribute to inflammation. High fiber foods slow down the rate carbohydrates are absorbed, helping to control blood sugar spikes and reduce the effects of inflammation.

Good sources of fiber include: fruits, vegetables, whole grains, brown rice and beans.

The gut microbiome [healthy bacteria]

The bacteria in your gut or intestines is comprised of over 100 trillion cells. While the gut microbiome does not directly influence pain, the bacteria’s products do. You can keep your gut bacteria happy by making sure you are getting enough fiber and water in your diet, along with probiotics.

Good sources of probiotics include yogurt and dairy products. To help fight pain and inflammation, ensure you are eating a balanced diet with the nutrients your body needs to keep you healthy.


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